Simon PhillipsSimon Phillips, Food Technologist – Bakery on his role at TasteTech... if you thought it would entail eating delicious baked products, then you'd be right!

What’s your background and why did you want to work here?

I worked for several years as a chef before deciding to study food science and technology at Cardiff Metropolitan University, to increase my knowledge of some of the technical aspects of food. Tastetech gave me the opportunity to further my interest in novel ingredients and to be part of innovative food research.

What’s it like to work at TasteTech?

One of the interesting aspects of my role is that every day is different; working on a variety of projects for our customers – brings a range of new challenges or issues to be solved. I currently work with customers in the bakery industry, so I could be working on developing a new flavour, preservative system or any number of functional encapsulated ingredients. For example, on a single day I might find myself baking bread to test preservatives and researching biscuit flavours in the morning. Then in the afternoon I could be helping a customer to solve a manufacturing issue or working with R&D to develop new products.

What does a typical day look like for a Food Technologist?

Every day is different, but I’m most often found in our Lab making various confectionery for numerous customer projects, testing, tasting and inputting ideas at meetings where we discuss customer’s needs. Being a food company there is obviously a lot of paperwork to ensure everything is done properly, as well as answering technical questions and visiting customer sites to better understand their objectives and processes.

What's the best part of your job?

Working in a flavour-house means there is always a lot of tasting which needs to be done; being very passionate about food means that this is certainly not a chore!

We have to ask.... what's the least favourite part of your job?

Working with preservatives systems means that I can spend quite a lot of time checking samples of bread for mould. Although this is definitely an important aspect of my role - I am a great believer in reducing food waste - counting mould colonies can be a little repetitive at times!

Why would you recommend people work at TasteTech?

It gives anyone with a genuine interest in the food industry the ideal opportunity to work within a multi-faceted, innovative food ingredients supplier, and within a professional, friendly working environment.


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