Celebrating 25 years of Innovation

25 yearsIn November 1992 Roger & Janis Sinton founded TasteTech in Bristol, UK to develop our matrix particle encapsulation technology.

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Better than butter - Higher prices don't have to mean lower margins

Butter prices

With already tight margins, manufacturers need to think about how they can reduce the impact of rising butter prices without sacrificing consumer experience.

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A day in the life of a Bakery Food Technologist

Simon PhillipsSimon Phillips, Food Technologist – Bakery on his role at TasteTech... if you thought it would entail eating delicious baked products, then you'd be right!

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flavour8: How to measure shelf life

Shelf Life Testing

Understanding the shelf life of products is vital for any food manufacturer, and TasteTech is no exception.

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E.F.S.A. ruling on 4,5-epoxydec-2(trans)-enal

European Food Safety Agency

Recently there has been a change in the EU legislation regarding the Flavouring Substance 4,5-epoxydec-2(trans)-enal.

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Searching for longer lasting flavour?

Longer lasting gum

Alongside aroma, sweetness is an essential factor in the perception of flavour and works in a comparable way to salt.

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Bakery consumer trends: Exciting the taste buds

Biscuit Cream FlavoursEverybody likes a chocolate biscuit, so it will be no surprise to hear that chocolate flavours dominate the sweet bakery market. But do consumers want more choice?

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Getting the right reaction (avoiding invert sugar)

Sour Sweets

Adding malic or citric acid to the outside of sweets is a great way to add some zing to your products. But how can you stop an unwanted reaction with sugar?

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A look back at 2016 at TasteTech

2016 at Tastetech

2016 has been another fantastic year full of opportunities here at TasteTech and 2017 is shaping up to be even more exciting.

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Sports Nutrition Consumer Trends - Broad shoulders

Sports Nutrition Trends 2016

Over the past 5 years sports nutrition has gone from a niche to an expansive industry, but who are the new consumers in this ever-expanding market?

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