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Sports Nutrition Consumer Trends - Broad shoulders

Sports Nutrition Trends 2016

Over the past 5 years sports nutrition has gone from a niche to an expansive industry, but who are the new consumers in this ever-expanding market?

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Confectionery Trends: Sweet enough for you?

SUgar Lumps

Talk of sugar and its effects has been everywhere this year and consumer behaviour is beginning to change. What can confectioners do to adapt?

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A day in the life of a Food Technologist at TasteTech

Lee ShanahanLee Shanahan, Food Technologist – Confectionery on his role at TasteTech... if you thought it would entail eating chocolate, then you'd be right!

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Evaluating the solubility of flavour8

 Lee, our food technologist confectionery compares the solubility of a spray dry flavour and our new powder flavouring system, flavour8.

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flavour8 will change the way we taste chocolate

Chocolate orange header

We explore our new innovation, flavour8 to show how it will support industry growth and give chocolate manufactures a chance to be innovative.

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