“As a specialist manufacturer of bakery products we face a number of challenges, the main one being the need for continual product innovation as competition is so high. TasteTech provide us with this in abundance.  We have had several innovation meetings where we were presented with intense flavours in our bakery applications. As they do this face to face we are able to ask questions, enhance our knowledge of liquid flavourings and learn how the specific products work.

Having these meetings enables us to gain a clear understanding of the flavours we can choose, develop innovative ideas to keep us ahead of trends and in turn save time and money in R&D so we can make quicker, informed decisions. We chose to work with TasteTech for several reasons, the main one being the approachable nature of their employees as this is vital for working together and creating great finished products. They also continually deliver excellent flavour matching, NPD support and product presentations which enables us to develop products that are perfectly suited to specific customer briefs.

When it comes to purchasing flavourings from TasteTech they are exactly what we need.  Overall the service we receive is some of the best amongst our suppliers whilst still remaining competitive on cost and minimum order quantities.”  

NPD Technologist, Bakery, United Kingdom