“As a representative of TasteTech we work directly with clients in Africa to understand their aims and together start scoping out which products and technologies will help them best achieve the outcome they require. We work alongside clients from the initial stages through to testing, quote and ordering to ensure both the products and level of service we provide meets the customers’ expectations.

One of the customers we have recently helped is a bread manufacturer who produces large volumes of bread loaves every day. They have a fully automated bakery with a capacity to process 300mt of flour per day and service a large geographical area requiring an extensive and time consuming logistics and distribution system. The challenges of logistics and ambient conditions are exacerbated as most of their finished products are sold via street vendors and small stores in high density areas.

Under these circumstances, shelf life is paramount. The manufacturer was only achieving 7-8 days using their previous formulations and ideally needed 14 days. As they were not achieving this they lost market share rapidly and a large number of their products were being returned.

TasteTech’s SorbicPlus has proven to be an excellent preservative for the customer as they were easily able to introduce it to their formulation without changing their automated processes. SorbicPlus enabled our customer to reduce their yeast addition by 20% and this helped them achieve the 14 day shelf-life they needed whilst maintaining the quality of the crumb structure, softness and volume. As a result of using SorbicPlus the customer’s market share has started to increase and is closer to the target percentage they desire.”

Agent, Bakery, South Africa