"As an award winning bakery based in the UK, we have an exciting, rolling product development system which really drives our business forward, and a large number of our new concepts are being developed with TasteTech products in mind!

We choose to work with TasteTech for a number of reasons, being local to us is a big plus, as new innovations and collaborations are much swifter.  We feel the innovative technical developments such as encapsulated powder flavourings offer a richer flavour profile and are much more stable, which leads to a superior customer experience. 

Also a big advantage for us is the availability of powdered flavourings as opposed to conventional liquids.  Using powders has cut our waste significantly and again, the flavours are incredible. Additionally, we have been able to turn development projects around very quickly to meet tight deadlines and the team have always bent over backwards to help us.

We are currently undergoing an interesting project with a new customer, which has been helped immensely by TasteTech’s expertise, their products and the commitment to their customers. We would have struggled to meet the deadlines for this project if it was not for TasteTech, spending the time to run trials in their development kitchen with different flavours to personalise them to our product. However, the biggest reason we work with TasteTech is the fantastic team they have, in terms of expertise and flexibility, but ultimately, they are downright friendly and great to work with."  

Process Technologist, Plant Bakery, UK