Chewing Gum Study - Encapsulated Sucralose Vs
Un-Encapsulated Sucralose

At TasteTech we actively test our products to prove their unique qualities and how they work in applications. By doing this we are able to provide our customers with the highest level of technical information and support they require.

Over the last 25 years our encapsulated high intensity sweeteners (HIS) have been used by chewing gum manufacturers around the world to extend the chew time of their products.

Purpose and Method

To better demonstrate the benefits of encapsulating HIS we decided to carry out a study. This study was specifically designed to show the difference in chew time between gum with encapsulated HIS and gum with un-encapsulated HIS.

In April 2017, we conducted a blind* study using our trained internal tasters to determine the effect of encapsulated HIS on chew time. Our internal tasting panel are experienced in tasting gum, having carried out many previous tests.

Sorbic Acid

For this study, the tasting panel calibrated their perception of sucralose using ten samples of water, each sweetened to a different level using a 0-10 scale. This ensured their responses were based on identical sweetness levels. They were then given a number of gums each with a unique reference and asked to chew one every 24hrs, and record the end time when they no longer perceived any sweetness in the chewing gum.


Sorbic Acid


The results of this small study confirmed that encapsulating high intensity sweeteners (sucralose in this study), extends the perception of sweetness in chewing gum. It is clear from this study that the perception of sweetness is extended when encapsulated sucralose is used in chewing gum.

Free Sample

Sucralose is just one of the High Intensity Sweeteners that TasteTech offer. To request a free sample of any of our HIS please click here.

*A blind study is when the tester is unaware of some of the information surrounding the study. In this case, the testers where not aware of which gums had encapsulated or un-encapsulated sucralose