European Food Safety Agency

Recently there has been a change in the EU legislation regarding the Flavouring Substance 4,5-epoxydec-2(trans)-enal.

Regarding TasteTech’s flavourings please see the following statement:


“Following the publication, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) opinion on FGE.226 Rev 1 we at TasteTech can confirm that we do not use 4,5-Epoxydec-2(trans)-enal (FL no 16.071), in any of the flavourings we manufacture.”

Dr Gary Gray, Head of Technical


What is the EU legislation?

Following on from a Scientific Opinion released by the EFSA that identified concerns about 4,5-epoxydec-2(trans)-enal potential to damage DNA (genotoxicity) and cause cancer, the EU committee SCoPAFF (Scientific Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed) has voted in favour of removing the flavouring substance from its list of permitted substances.

It will be removed from the authorised EU list of flavourings using the 'urgency procedure’ as things deemed by EFSA to be genotoxic are not considered to be safe at any level for consumption. From mid-August 2017, it will be no longer be permitted to sell any products containing this flavouring substance.

To see the full EFSA report please click here

If you have any questions please contact our head of technical Dr Gary Gray

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