Biscuit Cream FlavoursEverybody likes a chocolate biscuit, so it will be no surprise to hear that chocolate flavours dominate the sweet bakery market. But do consumers want more choice?

Choosing a favourite

According to a Mintel GNPD report on the sweet bakery flavours used in products launched in Europe in 2014-16, four of the top ten are chocolate with another being unflavoured. Unfortunately, the rest of the top ten is filled with traditional well know flavours, with little in the way of interesting new alternatives (See chart below).Sweet bakery NPD flavours 14-16

However, a recent study has shown that 73-81% of consumers in France, Germany, Poland & Spain want to try new flavours (source: Mintel). With the market dominated by just a few similar flavours and such a high percentage of consumers wanting more choice there is a clear opportunity for bakery manufacturers. But what flavours are consumers looking for?

Further afield

When you look outside of Europe you start to see a wider range of flavours. Yes, chocolate still dominates, but other, more interesting flavours are also readily available. In the USA, you might find pumpkin, in China sesame is popular and in Brazil they like honey. Looking at the far-flung corners of the world is a fantastic way to entice European consumers, with 61 – 74% of consumers saying they like flavours to be inspired by international cuisines (source: Mintel).

Bake stable for tastier biscuits

6 reasons to use TasteTech flavouringsTasteTech have 25 years’ experience creating flavours for the bakery industry. We have a huge range of bake stable flavours that will help you to create products that stand out from the crowd. Ask our team of bakery and flavour experts about what taste you want to create and we’ll help you capture it. Whether sweet, savoury or both, we can offer you an enticing range of natural or non-natural flavourings to suit your product, process and consumer.

….and introducing flavour8

flavour8 is a brand-new flavour system which uses our encapsulation technology to provide exceptional benefits to biscuit manufacturers. flavour8 is designed for direct incorporation into chocolate, high fat systems and biscuit cream. The flavour remains locked inside until moisture in the mouth dissolves the coating, releasing a burst of flavour.

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