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We explore our new innovation, flavour8 to show how it will support industry growth and give chocolate manufactures a chance to be innovative.

In this blog post, you will discover how flavour8 is revolutionising the chocolate industry by creating chocolate that combines multiple flavours together in one bar without contamination.

We explore our new innovation in detail to show how it will support the growth of the industry and give manufactures an even greater chance to be innovative and stand out from competitors.

Our R&D team have been working hard to develop a revoltionary product which will change the way people experience chocolate...flavour8.

Britain is a nation of chocolate lovers! The United Kingdom as a whole has been described as one of the highest chocolate consuming countries in the world. As a nation we eat an estimated 437,000 tonnes of chocolate a year equating to 6.8kg of chocolate per person (Mintel, 2015) as evidenced in the graph below.  

At TasteTech we know that the chocolate industry is growing rapidly and our understanding is continually strengthened with market statistics and trends. We have been developing new technologies that impact industries and underpin the growth of our customers products.

flavour8 is no exception. This new powder flavouring technology will enable chocolate manufacturers to use strong oils without aroma in the finished product or taint the manufacturing plant.

We showcase the abilities of flavour8 in a chocolate bar using strong flavour oils to demonstrate the benefits to customers. The encapsulation technology we have developed encases flavours such as peppermint and clementine to stop the release of aromas during production. The encasing allows the flavours to remain suspended in the chocolate until the product is eaten and the flavouring released.

The creativity doesn’t have to stop in a bar. Imagine if all the segments in the chocolate orange were different flavours? You could produce a product similar to this, a flavoured chocolate with a different flavoured filling or even a ‘pick and mix’ style bag where each chocolate is an alternative flavour, for example clementine, lime, ginger and peppermint to create a unique taste experience.

The possibilities are endless!

This type of creativity is exactly what customers want. These days’ customers are becoming increasingly curious and willing to experiment with creative flavouring combinations and want a taste experience when eating chocolate. flavour8 is just what the industry needs to tie both key trends together and produce one stand out product.

Michelle, our product manager for confectionery, recently visited a confectionery trade show and commented ‘you can see how key chocolate is to the confectionery sector by the number of stands promoting flavoured chocolates. I am confident flavour8 will revolutionise the industry and inspire new product development and creativity in the years ahead’  

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