Chewing gum flavourings

Instant, intense, fresh, fruity…

Nutritional gum, energy gum, longer lasting gum? Our encapsulated flavours are at the forefront of flavour development in the industry – so whatever your flavour challenge, we have the solution.

Our flavourings can be supplied in different formats and combined with other ingredients to achieve a wide range of effects and results. Our experts can work with you to suggest the best flavour format and encapsulated ingredient combinations for both the initial flavour burst and the delayed flavour release, associated with achieving prolonged flavour.

Chewing gum sticks and bricks

Outstanding chewing gum flavour benefits:

  • Instant and intense flavours in liquid, spray dried and encapsulated formats
  • Stronger, longer lasting flavour continually released as the gum is chewed
  • Improved functionality thanks to the controlled release technology
  • Taste masking of unwanted flavours found in nutritional gum
  • Enhanced fresh and cooling effects perfect for market leading mint flavours
  • Unusual sensations, such as heat, providing consumers with memorable flavour experiences
  • Each flavour is available in wide variety of tonalities, as well as natural and non-natural, halal and kosher if required

As we are a flavour house, if we don't have the tonality, flavour or format you are seeking, we can make it!

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Longer lasting gum

Learn how you can produce longer lasting flavour in chewing gum with our encapsulation technology.