High intensity sweeteners

For a longer lasting flavour

If you’re looking to create a gum that tastes better and fresher for longer, then take a closer look at our encapsulated sweeteners. Sweeteners are key to the mouth’s perception of mint flavours. Whereas unencapsulated high intensity sweeteners are released at the start of the chew, our encapsulated sweeteners are released slowly by the shearing action of chewing, achieving a more intense flavour for longer.

We offer encapsulated aspartame, acesulphame k and sucralose as individual products, but you can also combine these to develop encapsulated sweetener blends, all of which are designed to provide an identical taste experience as sugar but without the calories.

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The amazing advantages of high intensity sweeteners:

  • Sweetness is released gradually through chewing thanks to our matrix encapsulation system
  • Longer-lasting sweetness enhances flavour and available individually or blended
  • Extends chew time as flavour perceived for longer
  • Cost in use benefits as high intensity sweeteners can be thousands of times sweeter than sucrose
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Longer lasting gum

Learn how you can produce longer lasting flavour in chewing gum with our encapsulation technology.