Tasting better for longer



In confectionery, taste is everything. The flavour of a good sweet is unforgettable – it’s why eating our childhood favourites in later life can bring back such clear memories.

We manufacture a sophisticated range of powder and liquid flavourings, which can be partnered with encapsulated acids to sharpen flavour intensity on either the outside coating for that initial burst or inside the confectionery to maintain the strength of flavour as it’s eaten. Chocolate, compressed sweets, jellies, soft-centred, hard shells, powder coated – there are so many applications and possibilities.

We‘ll work with you to create new flavours, combinations and taste effects to suit your market and product – which may just go on to be the next big thing!

Used in

  • chocolate solid
  • chocolate ganache
  • super sour sweets
  • jellied sweets
  • soft-centred
  • and hard shell sweets
  • compressed micro sweets