Confectionery flavourings

What sort of strawberry flavour would you like?

There’s more to a flavour than just a name. Creating the right flavour for you starts with some questions. So we might ask you: fresh strawberry, jammy strawberry, or green strawberry? Do you want natural flavouring or non-natural?

Once we’ve identified the flavour profile you want to capture, our team of onsite flavourists use their many years of experience to develop bespoke flavourings designed with your specific application, manufacturing process and end consumer in mind.

Sweet jar

It could be an old favourite with a new twist...

...or a brand new flavour to give your product a competitive edge or steer the market into a completely new taste arena.

Whether you’re making chocolate, jellied sweets, liquorice or compressed micro sweets, our flavour house capabilities are unrivalled.

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