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Sports nutrition

No longer seen as niche, Sports Nutrition is now a truly global market that continues to show rapid growth. To help manufacturers stay ahead of the pack we have been working closely with industry experts for many years, developing a wide range of highly effective and bespoke flavourings and encapsulated ingredients that enhance both the taste and performance of sports nutrition products.

We recognise that there are different consumers with different needs and have a team of experienced experts on hand to help advise on the best way mask unwanted tastes, control the release of ingredients and improve the product functionality.

Talk to us about using our flavourings and encapsulated ingredients to enhance your range of nutritional shakes, bars, pre-workout drinks and more.

Flavours include:


How TasteTech can help

Flavour masking - We have a wide range of fantastic flavours proven to work with Protein bases, BCAA’s and more.

Encapsulated ingredients - Our innovative encapsulation technology can help improve product stability, control the release of active ingredients or mask unwanted tastes.

Complicated bases - Our flavours and ingredients work perfectly with all types of protein, from the widely used Whey to more complicated bases such as Pea, Soya and Rice.

Market landscape

Performance Nutrition - The traditional market for sports nutrition, with consumers looking for products that improve and optimise performance beyond their physical limits.

Active Nutrition - Health conscious consumers with active lifestyles looking to maximise health.

Healthy Ageing - Emerging market with consumers looking to maximise their healthy lifetime and slow the process of ageing.

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Proud member of ESSNA

We are proud to be members of ESSNA, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance. ESSNA is a mature and respected organisation which is recognised as the voice of the specialist sports nutrition sector. Its intention is to create a forum for discussion and vehicle for actions on the concerns of the sector in order to secure appropriate and proportionate European legislation on sports nutrition products.

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