Encapsulated Ingredients

Adding value through innovation

TasteTech’s encapsulated ingredients are used to improve quality, reduce cost and add value to your products. Encapsulation enables you to mask unwanted tastes (e.g. bitter notes commonly found in ingredients like BCCAs and caffeine), improve stability or control the release of the active ingredient.

Our products are free flowing powders allowing ease of handling and dosing. If you are experiencing issues with ingredients in your formulations, please get in touch to learn how encapsulation can solve the problem.

Protein powder

The added value in encapsulation:

  • Control the release of active ingredients
  • Easy to handle free flowing powder
  • Improve ingredient stability
  • Uniquely tailored to meet your needs
  • Years of expert technical knowledge and experience

Encapsulated Ingredients


One of the most widely used ingredients outside of proteins. A core ingredient for pre-workout, fat burning and endurance products. Encapsulation helps mask its bitter taste as well as delaying its release.

Probably the best known branch chain amino acid (BCAA), providing the trigger to muscle protein synthesis (i.e. muscle growth).

Increases metabolism and is a good fat burner. Encapsulation ensures that the benefits are kept but the heat isn't.


These are just some of the ingredients we work with. We have over 25 years of experience encapsulating ingredients to solve manufacturing issues, mask unwanted flavours or provide additional benefits such as delayed release. For more information on how we can help you with your ingredients please get in touch.


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