Discover how SorbicPlus can help bread products reach there full potential and stay mould free for up to 30 days!

Today consumers worlwide are looking for high quality, longer-life bread products and the demand for this is emphasised by the increasing global pressures to reduce food waste. This makes controlling the unwanted growth of mould so important when considering product formulations. Sorbic acid salts are one of the most widely used group of preservatives because of their anti-fungal properties. However despite their potential they have not historically been used in yeast based products as they lead to a reduction in proofing. By using our encapsulated technology sorbic acid can reach its full potential. 

At TasteTech we couldn’t live without bread, we love it! Our team of bakery experts are continually striving to develop exciting new technologies to provide solutions to bakery manufacturers enabling them to stay ahead of competitors. SorbicPlus enables bread to stay mould free for up to 30 days – yes that’s right 30 days!

We know that the bread industry is growing and the graph below highlights this.

Total percentage of bread products launched globally between 2011 – 2015  


Maintaining this upward trend is vital, making innovation the key to engage with both existing and new consumers. Research shows there is high growth potential for this market, as consumers are switching from unpacked fresh bread to packaged bread for convenience purposes.

At TasteTech we understand the main problem for bakers when producing yeast-raised bakery products is that sorbic acid has a negative effect on the yeast and so cannot be used directly. We offer SorbicPlus, an encapsulated sorbic acid, which solves this problem as the crystals are surrounded by a barrier, separating them from the yeast allowing it to function. By using SorbicPlus   in this way, bread manufactures can maintain the proving times and volumes they need. During the baking phase, when the yeast has performed its function, the surrounding barrier melts releasing the sorbic acid so it can perform as an effective mould inhibitor.   

Our R&D team has been testing Sorbic Plus proving its effectiveness compared to other commercially available products. 

In test SorbicPlus, a matrix of 50% sorbic and 50% fat, gave the best performance when dosed at equal levels with granular 100% and 85% coated granular sorbic acids. The small size of the SorbicPlus particles mean that they spread evenly throughout the loaf whist baking, contributing to its superior performance as a mould inhibitor. 

The graph below highlights how superior SorbicPlus is based on our in-house testing. 100% of the SorbicPlus loaves lasted between 9 and 30 days.

The number of loaves expiring for each variant across a 30 day period. 

Note: Loaves lasting longer than 30 days were all considered to have expired at day 30


Imagine how much of a difference bread manufacturers could make to processes and their consumers by using SorbicPlus   . We truly believe it is the best thing for sliced bread, bagels, rolls, chilled dough, pre-mixes and more! Mould free bread, reduced yeast levels, improved texture and taste what could be better? 

To read the in depth results of our study visit our website sorbicplus-more-information or email me, to receive a copy of the SorbicPlus white paper

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