Sports Nutrition Trends 2016

Over the past 5 years sports nutrition has gone from a niche to an expansive industry, but who are the new consumers in this ever-expanding market?

Core strength

The traditional consumer of sports nutrition products has been Bodybuilders, specifically male aged 18-45. Their main reasons for buying sports nutrition products are aesthetic (to impress others and/or increase self-confidence), and related to muscle building. These consumers use active nutrition products as a part of their daily routine and they regularly make bulk orders. 

Sports Nutrition Ingredient Trends 2016

As the market has grown, the consumer type has begun to diversify. The core user is no longer as dominant as it once was with more market space being given to fitness enthusiasts, endurance athletes, those interested in health and wellbeing and more.

There are now effectively two key markets developing that can be serviced by sports nutrition manufacturers:

Performance nutrition: The traditional market for sports nutrition, providing products that improve and/or optimise performance in consumers looking to push their physical limits.

Active nutrition: An evolving market where products help to support an active lifestyle, maximise health and counter the process of ageing.

There is also a third potential market that is beginning to develop - Healthy ageing. These consumers are largely already consumers of performance and active nutrition products and are looking to extend that use into later life to help slow the process of ageing. With an ageing population that wants to stay active and healthy for as long as possible, it is only a matter of time before this market is a standalone category.

Sports Nutrition COnsumers

Quick on it's feet

Sports nutrition is a fast-growing market that can facilitate these varied consumer types. Mintel report that in 2015 £66 million was spent by UK consumers alone, which is up 27% from the £52 million worth sold in 2013. Their research goes on to show that almost half (47%) of consumers who use these products use them daily. This research shows that sports nutrition is here to stay. It is a market that is growing and evolving with new customer types emerging and innovation in ingredients. Over the next five years the market looks set to grow even further and the opportunities will grow along with it.

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