Change the way you use menthol

Menthol is a key material that is used for its cooling and refreshing properties across a wide range of applications including compressed micro sweets and chewing gum.

We source natural menthol (laevo-menthol) obtained from mint (mentha arvensis). Freezing the mint oil results in pure menthol crystals forming, that are then normally isolated using a centrifuge. However, while the property of menthol to readily form large crystals is clearly beneficial when isolating pure menthol from mint oil, the direct use of large menthol crystals can be difficult or impossible in many end applications.

We have solved the problems associated with processing large menthol crystals, by making a fine menthol powder that is resistant to recrystallisation. Our StabilisedMentholPlus can be used as a direct replacement for menthol crystals.

Our unique powder stabilisation process modifies the structure of fine microscopic menthol particles to ensure the powder remains consistently free flowing without recrystallising and lumping during storage. Each microscopic particle is impregnated with a layer of pure amorphous silicon dioxide.

The fine granulation of StabilisedMentholPlus makes it ideal for use in chewing gum and confectionery coatings and achieves all the impact of menthol crystals with the dispersion properties of a spray dry powder at a fraction of the cost.

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