We are proud to say that we have recently become a member of ESSNA, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance.

ESSNA is a mature and respected organisation which is recognised as the voice of the specialist sports nutrition sector. It’s been formed to represent the specialist manufacturers across Europe and ensure that the sports nutrition directive accurately reflects the needs of all the athletes that currently use the products.

The sports nutrition industry is a key market for us. We’ve been working in partnership with manufacturers for the past 24 years, creating custom-made flavourings with masking properties and microencapsulated functional ingredients for controlled release; examples include encapsulated caffeine to mask bitter notes and encapsulated vitamin C to control stability.

ESSNA does a tremendous job for the industry and we look forward to working collectively with them to learn, develop and be supported moving forward.

The Chair of ESSNA, Dr Adam Carey, was delighted to welcome us to the alliance. He said that having us ‘join the ranks continues to reinforce the importance of the industry working collectively.

For more information about ESSNA visit: essna.com

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