Core shell encapsulation

Superior protection against moisture and humidity

Encapsulation turns liquids and other ingredients into dust free powders that are simple to process, easy to dose and cost-effective to use. Core shell encapsulation provides a barrier between two or more incompatible substances, so is ideal for protecting an active ingredient where humidity and moisture are present.

Core Shell Encapsulation

Why choose Core Shell Encapsulation:

Core shell encapsulation typically produces granular particles of 500 to 1800 microns which:

  • provides superior protection against moisture keeping the active ingredient dry and crystalline
  • maintains quality throughout the shelf-life of the product by reducing the hygroscopic nature of core materials
  • reduces the rate of reaction between incompatible ingredients giving the ability to control when the product reacts

As with matrix encapsulation, this process can also increase the longevity of ingredients and flavourings or achieve taste masking. It enables you to control the release of the active ingredient by heat, for instance in baking, or by shear, such as chewing gum, and can achieve freeze or thaw stability of sensitive ingredients.

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