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Exclusively from TasteTech flavour8 is a brand new flavour system designed for direct incorporation into high fat, low water systems such as chocolate, toffee or biscuit creams. 

Each particle is loaded with flavour, trapped inside a super soluble barrier material. The benefits of this system include instant flavour release, over 2 years shelf life and no odour or flavour cross contamination in the finished product.

This technology will inspire new product development across the industry.


Why choose flavour8:

flavour8 technology produces flavouring particles that are typically around 50 microns with fantastic benefits including:

  • Incredible protection of the active ingredients meaning no odour or flavour cross contamination in the finished product
  • Amazing flavour impact due to the high percentage of active ingredient in each particle (more than double when compared to a spray dry)
  • Longer shelf life of up to 2 years thanks to the highly impermeable encapsulation barrier
  • Cost in use savings as a lower dosage is required for the same impact as a spray dry
  • Stable in high fat, low water activity systems which only release upon contact with moisture, giving more control throughout manufacturing
  • Super soluble when in contact with moisture providing instant release, high impact flavours
  • Distributes well into high fat systems, preventing hot spots and is flexible enough to suit your processes

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